Test Days

Test Days

Private Lesson STARSkate skaters are assessed through the nationally standardized testing system for achieving figure skating skills in the five disciplines as recognized by Skate Canada – Free Skate, Ice Dance, Skating Skills, Synchronized Skating and Artistic.

When your skater is ready for an assessment, your coach will contact you to let you know which test they will do, as well as the format of the test. Most STAR 1-5 assessments, as well as Star 6-Gold Skill assessments, can generally be completed on your skater’s regular ice by their qualified coach. Our coaches have been trained to evaluate skaters at these levels, which has made testing much more accessible and efficient. 

As skaters progress through the Star 1-5 levels, their assessments become more formal and may require proper figure skating attire and clear ice. Once your skater gets to the Star 6-Diamond levels, they will be required to take their assessments (with the exception of Skills tests) at a Test Day. These days are planned months in advance and take place on ice that is not part of your skater’s regular schedule. LSC partners with other clubs in the Southern Region of Alberta to invite a certified Skate Canada Evaluator out to formally assess all of the higher level skaters.

Each coach-assessed test is $13, which covers the cost of reporting results, regardless of the results, to Skate Canada for record keeping, as well as any online payment processing fees. To pay the fees for your skater’s coach-assessed test fee, please click the button below. All coach-assessed test fees must be paid prior to their assessment taking place.

It is important that the coach, skater and parents maintain communication about the skater’s progress and goals so that their assessments are completed when needed.

Test Days come with specific etiquette to be followed. Skaters are required to arrive one hour prior to their scheduled assessment and must dress in appropriate figure skating attire. Spectators are welcome but are expected to behave with decorum, respecting the evaluator’s and skater’s need to focus. Each skater is provided with an on-ice warm-up of approximately 5 minutes. The skater then performs for the evaluator, who will observe, make comments and indicate whether the skater passed or must retry the assessment at a future test day. The evaluator’s feedback will be discussed with the skater’s coach, and then with the skater. In addition to the Skate Canada assessment fee, parents are responsible for a share of further fees to cover the cost of any Test Days their skater partakes in. These fees may include evaluator expenses, hospitality, additional ice time, dance partnering fees, and more.

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​Please note: You do not need to have a PayPal account to make your payment. You can elect to pay by credit card.

If a skater has to withdraw from a Test Day or Dance Partnering Session for any reason other than illness or injury within 14 days of the assessment datethe assessment fee and additional expenses must still be paid.

If a skater wishes to complete an assessment at a club other than their ‘home club’, they must present written consent from the Test Chair of their home club prior to taking the assessment. When sending skaters to another club for assessment, the Test Chair shall prepare a letter and send this permission with the assessment sheets or email them to the host Test Chair in advance of the test day.​


​Officials play a very important part in our sport. As volunteers, they donate their time, knowledge and expertise to assist in the development of our athletes and are valued members of the Association. There are several different types of officials: evaluators/judges, technical specialists, referees and data specialists. Judges are perhaps the best known officials and they are usually former skaters who have had a positive experience in the sport and wish to help others attain their goals. For more information about becoming a Skate Canada Official, see the Skate Canada recruitment brochure.

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