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​The Lethbridge Skating Club has a diverse team of professional contract coaches who instruct our programs. We pride ourselves on hiring highly educated, experienced, and dedicated coaches. Select a coach's photos below to learn more about them!

The role of the coach is to teach and develop your skater’s technical ability. Coaches play an important role in shaping the skater’s attitude towards skating as well as their personal values, such as sportsmanship, discipline and work ethic. Coaches are a role model for skaters.

It is important to consider your child’s personality when matching them with a coach. Discuss with the coach your expectations and get to know their coaching philosophy. Skaters may receive lessons from more than one coach but this should be discussed with and agreed to by the skater and/or parent and all relevant coaches. The Club endorses all of our coaches equally and will not recommend a coach.

When you are interested in hiring a private coach, contact is made directly with the coach. Private lessons are an agreement between the skater, parent and the coach. Coaching fees are paid directly to the coach, who operates independently from the Club. The Club assumes no responsibility for private lessons, such as fees charged or scheduled times. Coaches set their own rates, according to their experience and qualifications, usually expressed as a 15 minute fee.

Coaches will expect skaters to be prompt and to attend lessons regularly, and to give advance notice whenever possible if a lesson must be missed. Skaters can expect coaches to be in attendance; however, coaches may have to miss a scheduled lesson in order to attend competitions, tests, or educational workshops. In such cases, the coach is expected to provide advance notice and when possible a replacement/substitute coach.

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