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AdultSkate… What’s it all about?

Adult skating is growing in popularity and more and more clubs are offering recreational, test and competitive opportunities to this segment of the population. Adults participate in CanSkate and STARSkate programs as well as on synchronized skating teams. Adult championships currently provide opportunities to adult skaters to experience the challenge of a competition in a fun, social environment.

Skate Canada is currently expanding its programming in this area and the Lethbridge Skating Club is on board offering both group and private lesson formats where adult skaters of all levels can skate at their own pace, learn some new skills and get some exercise. We like to have fun too!

Who’s it for?

For anyone aged 14+! Our program is set up to teach beginner adults, as well as those wishing to continue a healthy, lifelong participation in the sport they love and learned at an earlier age.

What are we going to do?

A typical AdultSkate group lesson session begins with a coach led group warm-up, followed by an open skating session with the coach floating and providing help in improvement of skating skills as requested.

Participants may work on CanSkate, CanPowerSkate or STARSkate skills as desired.

Click HERE for general information about the CanSkate Program
Click HERE for general information about the STARSkate Program


All Skate Canada member clubs and skating schools who offer a CanSkate program must ensure all CanSkate and Adult CanSkate participants up to and including Stage 5 must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice. Bicycle helmets are not acceptable.

Clubs and skating schools must ensure this policy is enforced during all skating activities including competitions, carnival days or any other special on ice activities throughout the season for this level of skater.

Clubs and skating schools may choose to expand the use of CSA approved hockey helmets in their club as they see necessary. In general, anyone who lacks good control/balance when skating forward, backward and has difficulty stopping, as well as maneuvering around obstacles on the ice must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet.

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